Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines v1.8 [Неоф. патч]

24.10.2005 19:28

Неофициальный патч для игры Vampire: the Masquerade - Bloodlines версии 1.8. Список исправлений на английском языке:

Continued adjusting locations names by changing bus and sewer maps.
Restored female Sabbat and put three into the first Hollowbrook map.
Corrected a wrong dialogue option for female Malkavians with Nadia.
Made cemetery quest easier and fixed Romero raising female firearms.
Removed unused subdirectories on two of the Kamikazi Zen computers.
Fixed several dialogue errors regarding Beckett, Flayton and Hatter.
Corrected dialogue getting cut of at Fu Labs for Nosferatu players.
Placed Pearl of Dubai and other cut items in pawnshop and elsewhere.
Added the missing Dodge II manual to second Giovanni Mansion level.
Created Justicar guards at Giovanni Mansion and fixed a synchro bug.
Put the unused male asian nurse model into the Santa Monica clinic.
Fixed Carson's appartment key not being removed when it's been used.
Corrected formatting of a few haven pc emails and the Sin Bin note.

Размер: 30MB

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